Health and Safety Manual (digital version)

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Congratulations! If you have decided get this book, you are already commit to the safe practice of eyelash extensions, and for that I applaud you. At Star Lashes World, we focus on safety in application and safety for the working lash artist, and strive to produce some of the most proficient and well-rounded students to the industry, raising the bar in quality lash application throughout the world.

It is essential for you not only to know everything there is to know about lash extensions and how they are safely applied, but also to know the anatomy and physiology of the eye, proper disinfection practices, and to understand the hazards and precautions, safe handling, proper storage and ventilation for adhesives and their removal agents. It is important, when working so closely with clients, to makesure that you are not compromising your health or your client’s safety by working in improper conditions or with poor or insufficient equipment. In the following book you will learn all the ins and outs of safe practices for lash artistry. 

Graduates of Star Lashes World are recognized for their high level of competence. 


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